Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Marathon's heart touching stories

Besides the deadly bombing that have killed 3 people, Boston have also noticed as the place where humankind had been restored.  Love, generosity, perseverance, solidarity and courage had been proved in the face of tragedy.

First story

Carlos Arredondo, the man in the cowboy hat, was photographed apparently holding a wounded man's severed artery in one of Monday's most iconic photos. He is a member of the Red Cross, was reportedly at the marathon to support a group running for fallen veterans. His own son died in Iraq.

Second story

Joe Andruzzi the former New England Patriots star was seen carrying an injured woman away from the bombing scene. Andruzzi was at the marathon in support of his cancer foundation.

Third story

As the day wore on, heroic tales of emergency response teams also began to surface. After reportedly pushing a wheelchair-bound woman to safety zone, the first-responder returned to the bombing scene of the chaos to help others.

Fourth story

Runners crossed the finish line after running 42 kilometres, but they didn’t stop there. They continue on to Massachusetts Hospital to donate blood. So many showed up, that they have been asked to schedule for future donation

Fifth story

Nearby restaurants offered free meals, shelter, internet connections and even just a place to go for anyone who didn’t “want to be alone.”

After all

In spite of everything, runners still showed up to pick up their medals in Boston.

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